1. Tenancy Agreement – Car Rental Operators has received their draft tenancy Agreement and Mr. Felix had acknowledge the document and reverted.

2. 2 bus operators stationed at the car rental booth – Segi Astana has explain to the Car Rental Operators together with Mr. Felix that there was an instruction from SPAD and to MAHB that the 2 current bus operator will continue their operation until 30rd April 2015, after which they will have to join the centralise ticketing system and their counters will be surrender back to Segi Astana for Car rental business.

3. Car wash – Mr. Felix and the car rental operators will provide Segi Astana the number of car rental vehicle that they send for cleaning on a monthly basis. Car rental operators are willing to support the gateway car wash operators in getting all their rental cars to be cleaned and washed at gateway if the price or charges is acceptable.


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