Our Mission

  • To encourage, promote and project the interest of the members.
  • To act as a liaison between Local and Public Authorities and the members in any matter concerning the car rental industry.To establish and maintain good relations between the Association and its members and the public.To promote just and honorable business practices and to provide members with information, data and statistics relating to the industry.
  • To complement the effort together with other travel related organizations in promoting Malaysia as a destination ideal for motoring.

About the Association

The Car Rental Association was formed on 7th.November 1984 with an initial group of 5 members within Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor. The registered name then was “ The Car Rental Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor – CRAKLS.

The founding member was En.Ariffin Jelani,the CEO of AVIS Rent a Car,who held the position as the first President of the Association

On April 6th. 1995,approval was received to change the association to a national body ,naming the new organization as “THE CAR RENTAL ASSOCIATION OF MALAYSIA”

A summary of the significant areas whereby the car rental industry can and will contribute towards the Government’aspirations on promoting tourism.

  • Support the overall tourism projects and promotions undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism .
  • Promote inbound international tourists arrivals which contributes towards the country’s foreign exchange.
  • Support,assist and contribute towards the organizing of exhibitions,conferences,and seminars in the country with the provision of effective transportation.
  • Provide adequate and reliable transport means for both tourists and businessmen alike.
  • Collaborate with major tour operators and hoteliers as a concerted effort to provide competitive packages for inbound holiday makers and businessmen.